MyFreezEasy's Dinner Assistant
Can't ever find the right recipe list, plan from Pinterest & don't want to fuss with technology?!

MyFreezEasy's Dinner Assistant is here to help!
Here's how Dinner Assistant Works! 
We will work with you to find the perfect recipe list, then we will print it all out for you and mail it to you! 
Step 1
Fill out the form (on the next page), telling us what your family enjoys to eat. Let us know any dietary restrictions, as well as preferred cooking methods!

Step 2 
Once your order is placed, MyFreezEasy will choose the best recipes that will work for you and we will send for your approval.
Step 3
Once approved, we will print your MyFreezEasy freezer meal plan, sticker labels, and assemble your Dinner Assistant Box. Then we will drop it off at the post office and it will be on its way to your kitchen.
Get to Work with MyFreezEasy's Dinner Assistant! 
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