Let's Load Your Freezer Before the
Back to School Frenzy Begins

I don't even need to know more
- I'm ALL IN on this party!!


Join my "Dinner Made Easy Party" - sign up above and I will email your FREE meal plan for the party!

I'd like to invite you to the first ever Dinner Made Easy Party.

Because dinner is hard. Those precious people in your home have to eat EVERY day. And we all know that gets exhausting.

Am I right?!

There's no better time to get ahead and get organized than the busy back to school season.

You ready?

Let me help you set yourself up for dinner success! 

How this Online Party Works 
Step 1 - RSVP and then check your email for your FREE Freezer Meal Plan

Recipes in the Dinner Made Easy Party Meal Plan

Baja Shredded Chicken
Mississippi Beef Roast
Peach Glazed Pork Roast

The Dinner Made Easy Party meal plan has 3 recipes that each double to make a total of 6 meals for your freezer(Members can login and create their own Dinner Made Easy Party plan!) 

Step 2: Get Your Groceries. Don't worry - I will provide the shopping list too!
Pssst. Insider secret: Use the shopping list to create an online order for grocery pickup or delivery!

Step 3: Join us between August 11th- 17th and give your freezer some Back to School love by stocking it with meals

Step 4: Tackle all the other things on your never-ending list because dinner is taken care of!

You are now in the no-stressing-about-dinner zone. ::high five::


Your Official Invite

WHAT: A freezer cooking online party (I will email you everything!)

WHEN: August 11th - 16th

WHERE: Your Kitchen

WHY: Because dinner needs to be easier!

HOW: I will chat with you via email and in our Facebook group!

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Are you ready to experience HOW EASY dinner can actually be?!
Load Your Freezer For the Busy Back-to-School Season!

Find New Favorite Freezer Meals

Make Batch Cooking & Freezer Cooking Part of your Regular Cooking Routine

Add your info below and I'll send you all the important details via email! 

You deserve an easy way
to get dinner on the table
without losing your sanity.

RSVP above if you're ready for your freezer to look like this!
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