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Hi there my fellow busy home chef, 

My name is Erin Chase and if you're on the same mission as me - to save money on food and make delicious home-cooked meals - then you're gonna want to read closely! 

I'm wondering if you've bought into the myth that it's too expensive to eat healthy and it takes too long to prep a healthy meal. Both of those ideas are myths and it's time to understand how well you can eat, when you only have a tiny bit of time (or mental space) to prepare food. 

Over the years, we've developed tools, resources, and cookbooks to help you spend less on groceries and cook delicious meals at home.

The Cook Smarter Challenge is TOTALLY FREE (see above, or at end of page), and I'll email you a sample of our freezer meal prep plan. And if you're needing to dig a little deeper and have inspiration "on-hand," then keep scrolling to learn more about our cookbook and gadgets bundles. 

With the Cook Smarter Challenge cookbooks and freezer meal plans (and with our member program), you'll learn how to: 

***Make 10 meals for the freezer in an hour's time (yes, we've timed and videoed the process...dozens of times!) Note: the free sample download, provided in the Challenge, will equip you to prep 6 meals. 

***Eat well, without having to spend all day in the kitchen

​​​​​​​***Prep make-ahead freezer meals in 
the fastest possible way (we've tried all the ways and this is by far the fastest!) 

The goal of these meals is to get you in and out of the kitchen FAST, and still have an amazing meal for your people.

All of the recipes are made with simple, inexpensive ingredients and most of the recipes will fit into my $5 Dinners ($5 for a meal for 4 servings!) if you can get meat and other ingredients when they're on sale. 

Also with the Cook Smarter Challenge, you'll get instant access to our Freezer Cooking 101 online workshop and you can learn at your own pace and convenience. 

I'm super stoked about the Cook Smarter Challenge, these cookbooks and the $$ saving bundles we have available for you! Just tap one of the buttons and get them ordered from our online shop today. We'll get them into the mail and on their way to you! 

Erin ​​​​

P.S. If you have any questions, tap on Support at the bottom of the page!

Freezer Meals Cookbook & Gadgets Bundle! 
Erin's Freezer Meals Cookbooks
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 Bundle - Books & Bag Holders
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Healthy Freezer Meals for your Busy Lifestyle
Learn to Cook Smarter, Not Harder with MyFreezEasy's Delicious Make-Ahead Meals
Cook Smarter Challenge FAQ

How Do I Know If This is For Me?!
If you are a busy, often-stressed out home chef who's dinner prep experience resembles a small circus - or you're always calling for take-our or the drive thru, then this is for you. If you're looking for a "smoother way" to dinner, this is it. Download the free sample freezer meal plan in the challenge and/or get your cookbooks and bag holders ordered today!
Can I Get Instant Access?!  
YES! You can get instant access to the Cook Smarter Challenge Freezer Meal Plan PDF (downloadable file) when you join the Cook Smarter Challenge (above or below, just add your email address! We will email that file to you immediately.) We mail out the cookbooks and freezer meal bag holders when you order them from our online store. :)
What Kinds of Recipes are in the Dump Dinners & Instant Pot Cookbooks?!
We have a wide variety of cuisines and flavors in the recipes in both cookbooks. The Freezer Meals in an Instant cookbook contains all "Freezer to Instant Pot" recipes and is the only cookbook of it's kind (at the moment.) The Dump Dinners cookbook contains a mix of different cooking methods from Skillet to Instant Pot to Slow Cooker. It also explains how Dump Dinners are the 'fastest possible food at home' - both on the preparing for the freezer and the cooking after frozen aspects. Each cookbook contains 2 months worth of freezer meal prep plan as well. Learn more about each one here.
Does the Cookbook Have Dietary Accommodations?!
The cookbooks are more about variety of tastes and cooking methods than they do dietary preference or restriction. The MyFreezEasy web and mobile apps allow you to pick recipes that fit your family's dietary preferences. 
Do you have a Digital Version?
We have a digital version of the Cook Smarter Challenge Freezer Meal Plan with recipes, shopping lists and freezer meal prep step-by-step instructions. The digital version of the Dump Dinners and Freezer Meals in an Instant cookbooks are available on Kindle, you can search and find them there. We also offer different digital version of our MyFreezEasy meal plans in our online store :) 
About Erin

Erin Chase is the founder $5 Dinners and MyFreezEasy, as well as the author of The $5 Dinner Mom Cookbook series. She's on a mission to help busy, overwhelmed home chefs learn to spend less money on groceries and get organized in the kitchen. Her courses and membership programs have helped tens of thousands of shoppers save hundreds of thousands of dollars and countless shreds of sanity. Beyond the money savings, she's helped many people come to enjoy cooking again and help them stop feeling stressed and overwhelmed with feeding their families every single night. She's been featured on Good Morning America, Rachael Ray, The View and more! 

When not whipping up delicious, frugal meals in the kitchen or helping streamline work schedules, she can be found out of a run, chasing her 4 boys around the neighborhood, or taking escape from the south Texas heat at the pool. She lives with her husband, 4 boys and 1 furry boy in San Antonio, TX.

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