A special holiday gift fund for our
 Great Hearted Teaching Staff!
In 2018, we gifted teachers $370! 
Thank you Great Hearts families and friends! 

We give because we love and adore these amazing teachers at Great Hearts, who love and adore our children every day. As parents, we have this amazing opportunity to bring together our gifts this holiday season......in the form of a much deserved holiday bonus - from the families of our school.

​​​​​​​Here's what they have to say about receiving this gift from the Snowflake Fund...

Anne-Kathleen Borushko, Fourth Grade Teacher
“When I received the gift from the parents of GHNO through the Snowflake Fund last year, I was truly overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and generosity!  I really am so thankful for all that GHNO has done for me and my family.  I am honored to teach at such a special school with amazingly dedicated parents and talented and passionate faculty and staff.  I am so happy that I can bring my own three children to school with me to learn in such a stimulating and nurturing environment.  In tribute to the wonderful GHNO families, faculty, and staff, I gifted the money that I received from the Snowflake Fund back to the school through the Community Investment.  While I give my time and talent to GHNO, I don't always have a lot of extra "treasure" to donate, but this seemed the perfect opportunity.”
Kristin Milligan,
Middle School

 "When I first arrived at Great Hearts as a TA, I was recently graduated from college and still finishing paying off student loans. As a college student, I had been used to the fact that getting myself home was really one of the only Christmas gifts that I could afford to give everyone. When I received the snowflake fund, I was floored by how generous it was. I have a very large family, no secret to many of my students, I am the third oldest of 14. For the last two years I have used the Snowflake Fund as a "Christmas present fund" and have been able give every member of my family a gift. Anything left is spoil-my-siblings money. Thank you so much for your generosity!”

What is the Snowflake Fund? 
The Snowflake Fund is an OPTIONAL parent-led fundraising effort to gift our Great Hearted teachers with a much deserved holiday bonus before they leave for winter break. It is organized by the Snowflake Fund Parent Committee, which is not part of GHNO or GHNO PSO.

Parents are encouraged to donate a cash offering in lieu for holiday gifts or gift cards for their children's teachers. 
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How the Snowflake Fund Works
Instead of running all over town looking for the perfect gifts for all your children's teachers this year, give to the Snowflake fund instead.

Each teacher at Great Hearts Northern Oaks will receive a holiday cash bonus from all the money raised and donated for their holiday gifts from their students and families. You can give via Paypal, or pay with check or credit card (via paypal square)  at our Snowflake Fund-Raising event at TBS Bar & Social (see above).

All funds raised will be pooled together and divided up evenly among the Great Hearts teaching staff. 
 Snowflake Fund Giving Opportunities

Donations via Paypal

Donations via Check (only accepted at TBD Social event.) 

​​​​​​​Donations via Credit Card (only accepted via Paypal Square at TBD Social event.) 

Cash cannot be accepted.

Do not send money with your child to the school, or leave money with the office.
Donations Resume in 2019!
ABOUT THE SNOWFLAKE FUND: The Snowflake Fund is an optional fundraising campaign to provide each of our amazing GHNO teachers with a holiday bonus before they leave for the winter break. It is organized by the Snowflake Fund Parent Committee, which is not part of the PSO or GHNO.

Families are encouraged to donate to the fund in lieu of any gifts that would be purchased prior to the break. Also, the funds will be distributed evenly amongst all the teachers, including specialists and assistant teachers.

Questions about Snowflake Fund Events can be sent to [email protected].