Need a third hand during your
freezer meal prep sessions?
No-Mess Freezer Cooking 
    Holds Quart & Gallon Size Bags Open While Filling for Freezer Meals    
      Sturdy, Adjustable Height Arms 
        Non-Slip Rubber Base
        Strong Plastic Clip Holds Bags In Place
          Folds Flat - Easy Storage
          {Set of 2} & 
          FREE Shipping!  
          The FreezEasy Freezer Meal Bag Holder to hold up gallon size and quart size plastic baggies while you add ingredients for your freezer meals. No more bags falling over and making a saucy mess on the countertop. Also, they make the perfect drying rack for plastic baggies that you have washed and rinsed. Just turn the bag inside out and hang it over the upright arms to dry quickly and completely.