Quick & Healthy Weeknight Dinners Have Never Been Easier

Freezer Friendly Recipes, Shopping Lists, Instructional Videos and More



Make 10 meals in an hour’s time. Totally possible. We carefully select recipes that require little to no pre-cooking, so you can quickly and efficiently get them ready for the freezer. Our meal plans and videos are designed to help you quickly put together delicious meals, so you can spend your time on what matters to you.


Our budget-friendly recipes will keep your tummies happy and your pocketbook full. We have also designed our tools and apps to allow you to choose recipes based on the meat type that is on sale at your grocery store each week. If you can stop paying full price for meats, you’ll start saving loads off your grocery bill.


Freezer meals are a lifesaver and godsend on busy weeknight, or on days that just don’t go as planned. (Which might be every day!?) Not having to think about or worry about ‘what’s for dinner?’ is such a relief. Just pull from the freezer, thaw and cook. Dinner will take care of itself.



I’m so happy you’re ready to try something new! Freezer cooking is an excellent technique because it really can make your life so much easier. I’m not just saying that because it sounds good. I’m saying that because it’s TRUE.

However, if you’re not ready to dive into the whole program yet, I’d love to teach you a little more about it in my free freezer cooking 101 workshop. I’ll send you a free sample meal plan of what we offer in the monthly membership, too. You can sign up for the workshop and the free sample plan here.

Very best part about MyFreezEasy – you still get to have all of the ease of the system AND you’ll get to PICK and CHOOSE which recipes you want to make for the freezer. And, you can adjust the serving size for your family’s needs. No more wasted, sad dinners!

As the mom chef behind $5 Dinners, I can PROMISE you that this system was made with tight budgets in mind. Feeding a family on a budget has been my main focus for 8+ years now, and I’ve helped hundreds of thousands of others just like you do the same.

Also, if you tally up the time it takes to order food, drive to pick it up, drive back and serve it, or the amount of time it takes to run to the grocery store to grab something quick EVERY SINGLE NIGHT, you’ll find that freezer cooking with these done-for-you resources can save up to TEN HOURS A WEEK. Not even exaggerating. That’s ten hours you could be spending with your family, reading a book, walking the dog – whatever it is you WANT to be doing instead of stressing out in the kitchen or waiting in line at a drive through. Totally worth giving this a try, right?

TOTALLY. Again, the MyFreezEasy system was designed to MINIMIZE the time spent in the kitchen. Even if you’re brand new to cooking or just resistant to kitchen chores, you’ll learn time-saving techniques and quick tricks to make dinners FASTER than ever before. Best of all, you’ll get to use these techniques even when you’re NOT freezer cooking! (But I’m pretty sure freezer cooking is about to become your new favorite thing!)

OK, go to your freezer right now. Seriously, I’ll wait here. Back yet? OK, good. If you saw a box of waffles and a Costco-sized bag of frozen chicken nuggets, you’ve got room for these ten meals. They’re thfat compact.
I don’t have time to find a long list of ingredients, and I’m on a pretty tight budget. When I realize I don’t have whatever spice the recipe calls for, I usually give up and order a quick pizza. How can this be faster or cheaper than that?

Food safety is SUPER important to me – after all, I feed my family this way, too! With our step by step instructions and helpful videos, you’ll finally know how to prep, freeze, cook, and clean in a way that’s both easy and SAFE.

Naomi P.

“I received the plan just before a grueling week at work with my only day off on a Monday. I needed to get some slow cooker meals in the freezer so I could have meals ready for my family. I spent about $90 for 8 freezer meals plus 3 additional meals for after my crazy work week. I managed to get all of my meals plus misc veggies and other frozen products into my fridge freezer. Now, this week the only shopping that has occurred is for school lunch supplies and coffee creamer. For a family of three in the Bay Area and without doing any real shopping for deals our total for two weeks of meals was under $125 ($90 for the 10 freezer meals, $35 for the other items.) Not bad considering we’ve got a picky 9 yr with a hallow leg.”

Emily F.

“I wanted to try the Thai and Caribbean chicken before I put them in the freezer because they were new to me. They were delicious! Once I did the entire set of meals together, it only took an hour and 15 minutes total to put up 10 meals! I’ve wanted to try freezer meals for a long time but felt a little overwhelmed. This was my first try and it was so do-able. This plan worked perfectly for me. I loved the assembly options and the separate grocery lists were so helpful. I am thrilled with the plan!”

Erica L.

“I am most amazed by the amount of time this took. I prepped 11 meals, including a duplicate for that night, in about the same amount of time I spend cooking dinner on your average night. The Chicken Parmesan was as easy to cook as a freezer commercially prepared meal, and the Caribbean Chicken took me about 60 seconds to get cooking. Thank you for such an easy way to get real-food meals on the table for my family without spending too much time preparing them. Bonus points for the recipes being easy even with my need for gluten free food!”