From "Hot Mess" in the Kitchen to Confident in Serving Healthful Dinners to your family!

"I knew that MyFreezEasy would save me money by keeping me out of the drive thru lane, but what I didn't know was how much time and stress it would save me as well. I can customize my meal plan for the week and change the servings to 8 to feed my super-sized clan, which means that the recipes AND the shopping lists automatically reflect those 8 servings also. I had no idea just how much easier my life would be with this program - and how quickly I could stock my freezer!"
~ Jennifer Roskamp, The Intentional Mom
More Than a Meal Plan!
It’s a game-changing system that will have you in and out of the grocery store faster, prepping and chopping in less time than ever, and setting delicious, family-tested dinners on the table with none of that 6 o’ clock stress! 
Minimal Prep Required
You won’t have to deal with frustrating last minute recipes (hello, what’s with all the weird or hard-to-find ingredients?), mushy casseroles, or half-frozen/half-burnt microwave disasters because all of the recipes in the MyFreezEasy meal plans require very minimal prep. 
1 Hour --> 10 Meals!
If you’ve got an hour, you can set up TEN MEALS to put into the freezer. That’s about the same amount of time you might spend preparing just ONE dinner on another evening! 
Best Solution for Busy Home Chefs!
The brand new MyFreezEasy meal plans were created with you – a fellow busy home chef – in mind. With MyFreezEasy, you’ll have 10 to 12 meals prepared and stocked in your freezer in less than one hour. That’s right – you can have every week night for the next two weeks DONE in less than one hour. If you’ve cooked anything at all, you know you can’t just make a random recipe and throw it in the freezer. It takes a specific type or style of recipe and meal to make it possible to put 10 meals together and into the freezer that fast. I’ve designed these new pre-set freezer cooking meal plans with exactly that goal in mind.
Watch to See How Easy the Meal Plan Builder is to Use
Each meal plan includes:
Complete recipes 
Well organized shopping lists
Assembly details – how to prep the ingredients, then load up the meals into bags and trays 
Printable Labels for your meals’ bags or trays 
Highlights videos with tips and tricks for the recipes in each plan
 Instructional assembly video for the meals in the Traditional Plan 
Dairy-free modifications on all recipes
Gluten-free modifications on all recipes 
Premium Membership
Access to Desktop App to Create Meal Plans
Use the brand new, one of a kind MyFreezEasy desktop app to create the perfect meal plan for your family. Choose recipes based on taste preferences, food allergies and dietary restrictions!
Access to Mobile & Tablet Apps
Coming soon! 
The MyFreezEasy Mobile & Tablet Apps will be available in the very near future and ALL Premium members will get access to the Web App AND Mobile/Tablet Apps. 
SPECIAL Discount for Intentional Mom Readers!
Join the Premium Membership Today for only $7/month! 

Note: Monthly membership payments are made every 3 months. The monthly subscription is $7/month and your membership fee will be charged as $21/every 3 months, starting with a $21 payment today.

This $7/month will help you get organized, save time in the kitchen AND (added bonus!) save BIG on groceries!

 (P.S. membership prices will be going up very soon, so lock in now at this lowest price ever! Yes, you will get grandfathered in at this discounted price!)
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