In addition to our Web App Meal Plan Creation Tool, we also have mobile and tablet apps!  
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Mobile & Tablet Apps Now Available!
Get "On-the-Go" Convenience with the MyFreezEasy mobile & tablet apps on both the Google Play and App Stores. 
Build Your Meal Plans On-The-Go
Life got you in such a hurry that you don't have time to meal plan or time to make dinner?!? 

That's where MyFreezEasy can help! 

Pull up to the grocery store parking lot, take 2 minutes to create your meal plan, then walk into the store with a shopping list in hand.

Bring home all your groceries, then find an hour to make 10 meals. (Yes, you read that right!!!) 

Kiss the dinner overwhelm goodbye - because you now have dinner prepped and ready to go in the freezer!
Fast and Convenient
It literally only takes a few minutes to get ready for your next freezer meal session. 

I bet you could make a meal plan with the MyFreezEasy App faster than you could eat that delicious bowl of fruit!
User Guide
Learn about all the features and functions of the MyFreezEasy mobile and tablet apps! 
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MyFreezEasy App Features
Two Shopping List Versions
View the shopping list for the ingredients you need for your meals in both of these formats: 

1. Shopping List Sorted by Recipe

2. Shopping List Sorted by Store Section
Voice Activated Commands
Move quickly around the app using the voice activated commands feature. 

Say "Assembly" and the app will take you to Assembly Instructions. 

"Shopping List"
"Meal Plan"
Step-by-Step Instructions
Set your phone or tablet out on the counter and follow the step-by-step instructions for putting your meals together.

The instructions are written in a way that will keep you from "waiting on something" during your meal prep session. 
Print & Email from Your Phone or Tablet
Wireless printer required. Email sent to email address associated with account.
Save Your Plans, Browse Top Recipes
Adjust your default servings size and measurements. 
Ready to Download the Most Convenient and Simple Freezer Meal Planning App Available?

The MyFreezEasy Mobile App is available to all MyFreezEasy Premium members. 

Premium members also receive access to our web app and online tools, as well as all the other freezer cooking resources and meal plans we have available each month. 

We share new recipes and meal plans each month, as well as instructional videos and tips and tricks videos in our online member area. 
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Monthly Membership
Membership subscription paid every month, starting the day you join. 
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Membership subscription paid every year, starting the day you join. Get 2+ Months Free when you join Annual membership.
  • Mobile & Tablet App Access 
  • Web App Access 
  • Access to 8 Themed Meal Plans 
  • New Recipes Added Each Month 
  • Instructional Videos 
  • Freezer Cooking Workshop
  • Printable Labels
  • Online Support & Facebook Group Access​
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