Manage Your Account
If you need assistance with updating your MyFreezEasy membership and account, you can find what you’re looking for here.

Change the Default Servings in Web App: To adjust the default servings that appears in the web app, tap on your name in the dark gray bar at the top right corner of your browser. On that page, you can adjust from the default of 4 servings and then hit save. Then visit the Create page, and you’ll see the recipes are set to your preferred serving size. You can make similar adjustment in the mobile app under Account Settings.

Update Your Password: To change your password, please visit the Customer Center.

Update Your Credit Card  To update the credit card on file, please visit the Customer Center.

Pause Your Subscription: Yes, we can put your subscription on “pause” until you let us know when you want to restart it. The advantage to pausing is that you won’t be charged, but you’ll keep your subscription level and membership payment amount. (If membership pricing goes up in the future, your subscription price would stay what it is today.) Please tap here to get started on pausing your membership.

Cancel Your Subscription: We’re sorry to hear you want to cancel your MyFreezEasy subscription.

Cancellation requests made after the 3rd day from the most recent charge will not be refunded. Refunds will be issued for the amount collected by FreezEasy Media, a small administrative and payment processing charge may not be refunded. Any “duplicate” charges will be refunded in full. Cancellations will be processed upon completing the steps sent by MyFreezEasy team and refunds are issued manually by our team. To cancel your subscription, tap below and the request form will popup in your browser. Thanks!

Tap here to cancel!

**We will send you a specific cancellation link for your account. You MUST follow all the steps for your account to be properly canceled. If you don’t follow the steps, you might be charged again.

If you have any issues or trouble, please tap the live chat box in the bottom right corner or email [email protected]